Processing techniques for crystal glass

Edits of promotional gifts, awards and tombstones

Would you like to develop a promotional gift, award or tombstone made of crystal glass? Meet The Glasshouse! We develop the most unique crystal glass products. If you want an exclusive article of a material other than crystal glass, make your choice for a business gift, award or tombstone made of acrylic. Acrylate is also referred to as plexiglass or polymethyl methacrylate. Our crystal glass and acrylic items can be processed using a variety of techniques. We explain some editing techniques to you belo

Laser engraving 2D or 3D
You can have a laser engraving made in crystal glass. We offer two options, namely 2D engraving and 3D engraving in the glass. You will not see any difference on the front, but with 2D the image is lasered flat into the glass. In 3D, a three-dimensional hologram is lasered into the glass. If you hold the glass at an angle, you will see a 3D image. Our laser engraving is very accurate: we can display the smallest and most detailed objects or products in the glass.

Pour in
It is possible to pour a physical product in acrylic. For example, a coin or a screw is placed in the center of the promotional gift or award. Plexiglas are ideal for this machining technique and many objects can be cast.

You have undoubtedly heard of the term "sandblasting". Fine sand grains are sprayed on the surface under high pressure. This radiation leaves an engraving. If desired, this engraving can be colored with a special ink.

Water cutting
Not only sand can leave an engraving under high pressure: this is also the case with water cutting. A powerful and very fine water jet is placed on the glass with high pressure. This way we can cut and shape the glass in almost any shape. Water cutting is a manual process.

Do you want to provide the crystal glass or acrylic with a beautiful print? This is possible! The Glasshouse works with various printing options, whereby the surface can be provided with a full-color color print.
Another processing technique is to place a foil using foil stamping. A detailed image is applied via foil stamping to a flat part of your promotional gift, award or tombstone. This produces a special effect!


More information about the operations

Would you like more information about one of these processing techniques for crystal glass or acrylic? Do not hesitate and contact the consultants of The Glasshouse! We are happy to tell you more about the specific techniques and what possibilities these techniques offer. Together with you we look for the technology for your product!